Alert: Preparing Your Tech Environment For Hurricane Matthew

Powerful Category 4 Hurricane Matthew has been causing death and destruction in the Atlantic Basin and Caribbean Sea now for several days, with winds upwards of 145 miles per hour, along with extreme amounts of rainfall and storm surge.  Meteorologists forecast that it is heading toward the southeastern United States coast late this week and this weekend. prompting government officials in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to declare various states of emergency, including mandatory evacuations. 

SeedSpark offers the following suggestions for those of you with such interests that may be in the path of Matthew:

  • When evacuating or leaving for the last time before the arrival of Matthew, properly shut down and unplug all electronics! As power comes and goes with major storms and downed power lines, computers and servers attempt to restart themselves. Multiple hard restarts and/or sudden and unexpected shut downs can cause data loss and even complete hardware failure. Servers are particularly vulnerable to data loss and hardware failure in these circumstances.

  • If your location is expected to get heavy rain or storm surge, move all electronics off of the floor and place on the highest surface safely available.

  • Lastly, physical assets such as a computer can be replaced, but some things cannot be recovered without proper planning and safety precautions - your life and your data.

  • Please make sure you have plans to move you and your loved ones to safety.

If you are unsure of your current data backup strategy, SeedSpark offers Business Disaster Recovery solutions that can be restored to a new machine in minutes and cloud storage solutions that can travel with you as you change locations. If we can be of help, please contact us at 704-246-5052 or


Thanks and Stay Safe!

SeedSpark Team

Tags: Technology

Written by Kimmi Robertson

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