Learning How To Use Your Mevo

 So hopefully after reading our introductory blog that details why you should be using a MEVO rather than your smartphone to film videos, you immediately realized that you couldn't live without one and you ordered your very own MEVO. Now you can start to build authentic relationships between your brand and your followers on social media. If you still need pursuading, I would recommend that you read our blog, "MEVO: Changing the Game of Live Video Streaming", one more time and check out the examples of amazing videos on Mevo's website, here


 Alright, let's dive into learning how to set up your MEVO! 


How to begin using your Mevo

  1. Plug in your camera to charge it
  2. Download the app on your phone at getmevo.com/app
  3. Tap the top button to turn on your camera
  4. Open the app
  5. Update your firmware. Don’t worry- your phone will walk you through the steps!
  6. Turn the Mevo on to pair your iPhone with its Wi-Fi. It’s similar to how you would pair your phone with a Bluetooth device but it has its own Wi-Fi ID.


Now you are now ready to GO LIVE! Below are the steps that will appear on your phone when you are ready to start your video.

  1. Hit the red record button on the Mevo App. These 3 choices will appear below:
    • Record HD
    • Send Live Stream 
    • Send to Facebook Live 

  2. After you choose a platform to record on, follow the prompts that takes you through. For example, if you chose Facebook a prompt will open and send you to your web browser. Then it will ask you to log into your Facebook account and if it has permission to post on your page. You will want to allow the Mevo to post on your Facebook since this is the overall goal.
  3. Another prompt will pop up for you to give Mevo permission to use your Photo App on iPhone. Click “Allow” because you will want to be able to save your videos after you are done recording to your phone’s storage.


Alright, now you are recording! Remember these editing tips as you are recording live and you will have an amazing end product that looks professionally done!

  • Pinch your screen to zoom in and out
  • Tap your screen to a certain spot to cut
  • Drag to pan


If you have any questions that this blog doesn’t answer, watch our quick how-to guide, “MEVO- UNBOXED”. Our very own, Bill Hawks explains in detail how to set up your Mevo and will show you how to edit your video as you record. Or if you would rather, we would love to come to you and help guide you through the process. Click below to schedule a meeting and we can get started on filming!

Have fun filming!

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Written by Nikki Pacitti

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