Maintaining Cost of Ownership for Desktops and Laptops

Are you struggling on what newest desktop or laptop you should spend your money on? Here is the low-down on everything you should take into account when deciding upon your newest purchase:



When going to buy a shiny new desktop or laptop there are several things that you should have in mind. It may be difficult to resist the urge to pick out the one with the lowest price tag sticker and call it a day, but it is vital to look further in to what you will be investing your money in in the long run. How long will this computer last? Is this going to be compatible with the necessary operating system updates? Is this computer secure? Will I get the most possible productivity out of this purchase? All of these are important questions to take into consideration and SeedSpark has a strategically planned approach to provide you with the most efficient products. 


Accounting for Direct and Indirect Costs

A common mistake made when going to purchase a new laptop or desktop is immediately gravitating towards the cheapest option. Look past the obvious price tag and invest your money in something that will last. If you choose the cheapest option, you will most likely have to invest more money in the long run to replace this low-end PC more often due to its’ inability to support current websites and software programs, security issues, and overall reduced productivity. A high-quality PC should last you up to 5 years, but a lower-end computer will often be outdated or broken down in less than 3 years.


Managing Your Assets Proactively

SeedSpark is dedicated to help manage your assets efficiently, always keeping expenses in mind. Investing your money in technology that is secure, reliable and compliant is vital in today’s work place. We are always working to upgrade, implement and build new IT software to make your life easier. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest throughput speed of network, as well as top of the line security and support, overall making your dollar go further.


Get In Touch

At SeedSpark our mission is to reduce risk and overhead costs while growing client acquisition and retention though the right mix of technology and business process automation. Planning for the best life cycle management is just one example that can have significant impacts on your bottom line performance.

To learn more about proactive lifecycle management, contact us at (704) 246-5052. You can also shoot us an email at




Written by Mary Blalock

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