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SeedSpark Announces Release of SyncSpark 2.0

By Bill Hawks on 07/08/2014
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 Enhanced Security, Customizable Control, and Revision Tracking Headline Benefits of File Sharing Service

SeedSpark, a Charlotte based technology consulting firm, announced plans today to release SyncSpark 2.0, a file sharing service provided by SeedSpark loaded with numerous enhanced user benefits including increased security, control and revision tracking.

"We are very excited to release SyncSpark 2.0 to our current customers." commented SeedSpark CEO Chad Jenkins. "We're confident that once users experience the benefits of SyncSpark 2.0, they'll quickly come to appreciate its superiority over the competition."

SyncSpark is a file sharing service uniquely customizable to your company which eliminates the need for FTP or VPN connections and eliminates the risk of rogue Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive accounts holding sensitive company files.

SyncSpark enables users to access files from anywhere on any device, collaborate with ease, and share files securely with the highest standards for business class encryption.

SyncSpark 2.0 notable features include:

File Locking

  • Auto-lock for Word and Excel files prevent two users from colliding multiple revisions back into the file share. The second person to open a file will be doing so in "Read Only" mode. In addition to auto-lock, a manual toggle is available, so that a user can lock any type of file from being edited by others. 

Download as a .ZIP

  • Users can download folders as a .ZIP file from the web portal by right clicking any folder and selecting "Download ZIP"

Revision Rollback

  • Users can rollback all files within an entire root or folder to revisions before a certain date. This provides remediation from any type of virus. This also allows users to go back to a specific date and time before another person took unwanted action to edit or delete a file. 

For more information regarding SyncSpark 2.0 or custom applications developed by SeedSpark, contact Bill Hawks at 704.246.5052 x108.


About SeedSpark, LLC:

Charlotte, North Carolina based SeedSpark, LLC strives to bring a business centric approach to technology and consulting. SeedSpark's advantage is its ability to, identify, design and implement technology solutions that impact a company's bottom line now and for years to come. SeedSpark specializes in outsourced tech support, hosted services, web application development, and digital marketing. Notable SeedSpark clients include: SSI-Schaefer, Mechanical Systems and Services, and Ecoscape.  For more information: www.seedspark.com.

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