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The Truth About Heartbleed & What You Can Do About It

By Bill Hawks on 04/23/2014
If you have been following technology news over the past few weeks you have probably heard about the “Heartbleed” venerability that was uncovered a few weeks ...
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SeedSpark Techs Review LG TONE+

By Cassandra Paradis on 04/10/2014
LG TONE+ (LG Tones for short), I love them. They are probably the best headphones I have ever purchased. Just being able to take phone calls without taking my ...
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Rest In Peace Microsoft XP: What Small Business Owners Need To Know

By Bill Hawks on 04/08/2014
Today, April 8th, Microsoft officially stops supporting Windows XP. The much anticipated day for XP’s end of support has forced some larger businesses ...
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