What is Email Spoofing and How Do You Fight Back?


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5 Social Engineering Awareness Tips

According to Kaspersky, a leading cybersecurity company, social engineering is defined as a form of techniques employed by cybercriminals designed to lure unsuspecting users into sending them their confidential data, infecting their computers with malware or opening links to infected sites. With both our personal and professional lives intertwined in the digital space, it’s more important now than ever before to take the steps necessary to make sure your sensitive information is secure.

Phishing Attacks: How To Identify & Avoid Them

When it comes to phishing attacks, all it takes is one dirty hook set in one employee to snatch up your vital data.

According to NTT’s recent Threat Intelligence Report, 25% of insider threats are hostile with the remaining 75% due to accidental or negligent activity. Even if you have state of the art email security in place, one misstep leaves the digital door open for anyone to come in and gain access to your most crucial data.  

No matter how strong your firewall, network infrastructure, or IT/security team, the most important step that you can take to protect your company's data is providing your team with training that helps them learn and identify new phishing threats as soon as they hit their inbox. Verizon’s cybersecurity report states an attacker distributing 10 phishing emails has a 90% chance of one user being hooked.

Training personnel on different types of social engineering attacks is one of the best forms of cybersecurity - why hack a computer when you can trick a human? Below are seven types of phishing attacks and how to identify them.
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4 Ways Business Process Automation Helps Your Business Succeed

Everyone’s got them – day-to-day tasks that are so mundane and repetitive that even the office intern loathes them. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, many of these necessary evils of office workflows no longer take hours (if not days) of your valuable time to complete. Through the power of constant connectivity and user-friendly applications, business process automation provides workers with the ability to focus less on the intricacies and more on increasing quality and boosting customer satisfaction. Let’s check out a few ways that businesses around the world are cutting their work load and accomplishing more through the power of business process automation.

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Outlook on Mac Finally Gets the Makeover It Deserves

When it comes to software, looks aren’t everything - but they’re definitely important. A well-designed app can be the difference between a program that gets the job done and a program that is a genuine pleasure to use. Microsoft has been on a redesign frenzy lately, modernizing everything from their home screen icons to entire applications in an effort to create an experience that radiates brand cohesion, simplifies the user experience, and creates a family of tools that consumers won’t just use, but that they’ll fall in love with.

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Back to School with Microsoft 365


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