Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Tips Every Business Leader Should Know

Hurricane Season — How Businesses Should PrepareWith an above-average hurricane season officially in full swing, businesses along the Gulf Coast and East Coast have their eyes on the Atlantic as more storms begin to swirl. In the same way that this year’s wave of ransomware attacks devastated companies across the country, natural disasters can leave businesses in shambles as companies work to recover, often losing years of data in the process.

Even as cyberattacks are on the rise and the hurricane season hits its peak, 75% of small businesses have no disaster recovery plan in place. Having a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan in place goes a long way in helping businesses prepare before disaster strikes, helping them bounce back faster after a data loss event. Here is how to prepare your business before disaster strikes.

Build a Customized Plan

Having a complete plan in place ahead of time gives you time to prepare your resources and practice your team’s reaction well before your technology is impacted by an event. Just as every company should have an orderly fire evacuation plan in place, it’s equally important to make sure that your technology is ready to rebound and recover as soon as possible.

Back-Up Your Data

Experts recommend performing daily backups of all crucial data. The benefits of daily backups go beyond transferring data to a new computer. Whether you’ve been hit by a ransomware attack or your business’ physical location is impacted by a natural disaster, your data will be completely and safely stored in the cloud. Your work — and your customers — are safe.

Prepare to Work Remotely

A decade ago, many employees may simply be unable to work if their company was impacted by a natural disaster. After all, without a place to work, how would they… well, work? After a global pandemic pushed many companies to work remotely, employees are now able to securely connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. While many companies now have these tools fully in place, it’s always important for business leaders to perform technology audits ahead of time, setting up VPNs and ensuring that all company-owned and -operated devices are up to date. Training is also an important piece, ensuring that employees are updated on proper technology use outside of the office to keep them productive, protected, and connected.

Are you prepared? Click here to stay prepared with a Hurricane Preparedness Checklist from the National Hurricane Survival Initiative.

As a leading MSP, SeedSpark keeps clients prepared with daily data backups and industry-leading AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. From ransomware attacks and malicious hacking to natural and manmade disasters, we give clients peace of mind knowing that their entire library of data is protected from whatever life has in store.

Is your business prepared? Contact our team and schedule a free 30-minute technology assessment. SeedSpark works with clients of every size, leveraging the right technology to meet today’s needs while preparing their business for tomorrow.

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Written by Samuel Adams

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