What is Microsoft Viva?

Since taking over as CEO in 2014, Satya Nadella has increased Microsoft's focus on keeping the user at the center of the products and services that the company works to create. Data-driven insights track each user's experience, providing a deeper understanding of how people engage with Windows and Office 365 to help better shape the design and development of tools that will bring value to the way that users work, live, and play each day. 

As many offices shift to hybrid work, it's important for leaders to keep their teams collaborative and connected no matter where they may be. Microsoft is working to support employees and culture through Microsoft Viva, bringing together the best parts of Microsoft Analytics and SharePoint to create a platform that helps employees strike a healthy work-life balance while also staying connected to the heartbeat of their organization. 


Viva Topics

With so many sources of information within every organization, it can be difficult to find the information that you need to succeed - especially as businesses continue to grow. Viva Topics creates a collection of content and resources from across your entire organization, connecting users with the information that they need to succeed.

The easiest way to think about Viva Topics is as your company's search engine, sifting through the files, contacts, and content through the power of AI to connect you with information that's relevant to whatever to-do you're currently working on. While artificial intelligence brings a boost to Viva Topics, the human touch is what takes it to the next level. Subject matter experts can work with AI-generated topic pages to make small tweaks as needed, adding supplemental information that creates a comprehensive knowledge resource in a fraction of the time. Once this knowledge base is complete, it's time to put it to work. Access Viva Topics across every Microsoft 365 application, from Excel to PowerPoint and everything in between. 

Viva Connections

The Relecloud app in Teams on desktop and on multiple mobile phones.

Whether employees are remote or onsite, it's more important now than ever before to ensure that your team has a dedicated space to connect and build a strong and resilient company culture. Viva Connections is designed as an engagement experience for team members, integrating the value of a SharePoint home site directly into the communications application that companies around the world already use each day. One of Viva Connetions' focuses isn't only on keeping them connected, but also encouraging communication between employees across departments. 

Viva Connections can also become the home of your company's most vital insights to help minimize the time it takes employees to reach the information that they need. Outstanding expense reports, paid time off schedules, and time management tools are just a handful of the potential benefits that Viva Connections can bring across your entire company. 

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Giving employees the knowledge and resources that they need to succeed is key in not only their success, but also the success of the entire team. Viva Learning creates an information discovery hub, integrating continuing education directly into the core employee experience. Integrations with Microsoft 365 Training in addition to LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy, and more digital learning platforms help enable your team to gain deeper knowledge that helps expand their skills, their careers, and the value that they bring to your team. 

While Training Managers can assign material for employees to learn at their own pace, Viva Learning also acts as a discovery platform that connects users with educational content that is tailored to their skills and their interest. When someone finds a lesson that would be ideal for a friend, direct integrations with Microsoft Teams makes sharing simple with just a few clicks. Through easy discovery and intelligent recommendations, Viva Learning enables every employee to expand their knowledge and insights. 

Viva Insights

While Microsoft Office 365 has become a productivity staple over the last 20 years, Microsoft has recently shifted its focus to address the strained work-life balance that millions of workers are facing. Microsoft's Work Trend Index shared deep insights into the realities of employee fatigue - an issue that can have a strong impact on overall employee satisfaction and talent retention. 

Viva Insights helps users understand their habits, using data to provide suggestions that improve productivity while also keeping employee wellbeing as the focus. This tool helps each user build an understanding around the way that they work, recommending Focus Time to accomplish deep work when their Outlook calendar has free time available. In the same way, Viva Insights recommends time to take a break and unwind, even offering the option to snooze notifications at the end of the workday. Through a partnership with the popular meditation app Headspace, Viva Insights offers users small moments to decompress throughout the day with breathing techniques and mindful meditations that can create a sense of calm when the days may be hectic. Employees can often feel overwhelmed by the blending of their work lives and home lives, but Viva Insights provides a backbone to help create better routines and habits that can go a long way in employee satisfaction. 

Now that Microsoft has shaped the world of business, the company is shifting their focus to shape the way that we interact with every area of our lives. Through Microsoft Viva, the company is shaping an employee experience that seamlessly connects us with the data and information that we need to succeed in our careers while also providing a healthy separation that encourages healthy habits that create long-term health and success. 

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Written by Samuel Adams

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