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Security and the Cloud

By Eddie Burklin on 08/02/2018
“The Cloud” is a hot topic among all users of technology. It provides many advantages to IT management and end users, but also presents its own unique ...
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Topics: Security, Big Data, Technology, Digital Age

Sleep Better Knowing Your Data is Safe and Secure

By Greg Mercer on 03/15/2018
At SeedSpark, we’ve seen a lot of technology paradigms come and go – and sometimes come back again. So it is with the cloud. While data is spreading out among ...
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Topics: Security, Technology, Big Data

Protect Your Data with SeedSpark's Computer Security 101 Checklist.

By Greg Mercer on 03/01/2018
At SeedSpark, we know the value of computer security. As a business owner or IT professional, you understand the value of your computers’ security. ...
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Topics: Security, Technology, Big Data