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At SeedSpark, we’ve seen a lot of technology paradigms come and go – and sometimes come back again. So it is with the cloud.

While data is spreading out among dozens of forms and formats throughout your business (PCs, servers, smartphones, tablets, clouds, SaaS apps), it’s also centralizing. Tablets and smartphones behave in the same way as the mainframe era’s “dumb” terminals when it comes to business applications. Sure, they enable data to empower business everywhere – but they act only as pure “client” front-ends to applications running on a server somewhere.

Increasingly, that somewhere is the cloud.

While many businesses still prefer to operate their own servers and networks, cloud adoption is on the rise – and will only accelerate.

More and more people don’t even work out of a standard office. As a result, they need access to the resources on their network, whether it be line of business applications, collaborative documents, or email. There needs to be a way for them to constantly be connected.

Thus users are pushing businesses to put more and more data into the cloud, or in SaaS applications, because this approach makes it more easily accessible for mobile devices.

But easy access also raises new challenges for data protection, because clouds are not magical infrastructures. They’re prone to the same flaws inherent in all IT. But even businesses who understand the importance of backing up their own systems often fail to grasp the risks they’re building by migrating to clouds or SaaS applications without commensurate backup and business continuity plans.



Businesses who are putting more infrastructure in the cloud – and most are – need Total Data Protection programs that integrate backup of those clouds, or SaaS applications. Otherwise, you’re betting more of your business on unprotected infrastructure.

We recommend you take five minutes – right now – for the following exercise. Open a document and just start writing down all the locations where you, or your customers, have business data. And ask yourself, “How is our data being safeguarded in each of those locations?”

With data living in different devices and different environments, you must cast a wider net than ever before to truly ensure data protection and business continuity. SeedSpark’s thorough approach to data protection:

Protect Your Data with SeedSpark's Computer Security 101 Checklist.

At SeedSpark, we know the value of computer security. As a business owner or IT professional, you understand the value of your computers’ security. Communicating the importance of computer security to every employee in your business, however, can often prove to be a challenge.

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