5 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Devices

Spring has sprung! Not only is it time to clean and refresh your living space, but also an excellent opportunity to give your devices a good decluttering. Our devices accumulate plenty of digital clutter that needs cleaning from time to time (like old files, outdated apps, quick photos, etc.) Together, these things can take up significant space and leave you vulnerable to security hazards. Here are 5 quick and easy steps to help you clean up your act and optimize your device's performance.  

Install A Password Manager 

tyler-franta-iusJ25iYu1c-unsplash-jpgCreating strong, unique passwords for each of our accounts is a must nowadays, but it can be difficult keeping up with all of them. Here’s where a password manager comes into play. In addition to creating those strong passwords for you, the manager stores your passwords on secure servers, keeping them away from hackers and thieves. NEVER store your passwords on things like a text document or spreadsheet.  

Clean and Update Your Device 

Many of us are so busy with our daily lives that cleaning up our devices becomes an afterthought. Make sure to dedicate some time (preferably every month) to delete old files and outdated items on your device. Regular cleaning can keep your devices running stronger for longer. Such updates improve speed and functionality, and often include security upgrades that can make you safer in the long run. Enable automatic updates on the apps that you use frequently if you haven't already!  

Organize Your Photos 

josh-rose-qWBoBpeOxjo-unsplashAs the cameras on smartphones have improved, we’ve all started taking more photos. You can back up your photos to an external hard drive, but the easiest and most secure option is to use a cloud-based photo storage app like iCloud or OneDrive. Keeping your photos in the cloud means that even if your computer breaks or you drop your external hard drive, your images are still safe. And the best part? You’ll never lose your photos, even if you lose your device. 

Delete Old Apps and Accounts 

Review your online accounts and delete the ones you don’t use. Check your bookmarks, password manager, and all the other places where you store login credentials. If you haven’t used an account in some time, log in one last time, remove all your personal information, then deactivate it. Many apps today also store information that’s maintained by the app provider. When deleting an app, make sure you close the corresponding account so that data is removed as well.  

Properly Dispose of Hardware 

anna-philine-SZcGcB4Fy1g-unsplashWhen throwing away old devices, make sure to dispose of them properly. Your old computer may contain loads of precious personal and financial information on it. The same goes for your tablets and phones. When it comes time to say goodbye to an old device, we recommend doing so in a way that’s friendly to the environment. Try looking into e-waste disposal options in your community. There are numerous services that will dispose of and recycle old technology while doing it in a secure manner. 

A good digital spring cleaning is vital in keeping your devices safe and secure year-round. It can also help improve the speed and performance of the devices and services you use, while reducing the risk of hackers accessing your private information. From LastPass password management to Microsoft Cloud Solutions, SeedSpark can help you get started! 

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Written by Kevin Kuhlman

As SeedSpark's Social Media & Content Specialist, Kevin takes pride in managing the online social presence of SeedSpark and their clients.

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