How to Protect Your Business Against Cyberattacks

With 15 billion phishing emails sent out each day, criminals are working overtime to tap into the data of today's businesses. It's not just the biggest corporations that are at risk. Small businesses with lackluster cybersecurity measures and aging technology are a common target for attackers, meaning that it's more important than ever for small- and medium-sized business owners to stay prepared. This week's webinar, The Biggest Cyber Threats of 2022 - How to Stay Protected, shared more about what it takes to keep businesses cyber safe in 2022.


State-of-the-Art Network Security

Proper cybersecurity means going further than Windows Defender. Network security that covers all endpoints and a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan (BCDR) are two must-haves. This includes secure VPN access for users, remote monitoring and troubleshooting, and AI-powered cybersecurity software, all coming together to fight back against new attacks before they start. In the event of a data breach, your BCDR plan will spring into action to help lock down your network, recover lost data, and restore your work as soon as possible.

Email Security

Phishing emails continue to be the top successful attack vector in 2022. While training goes a long way in helping prevent successful phishing attacks, software helps bridge the gap to quarantine harmful messages for review. SeedSpark partners with Ironscales to blend together these two types of protection, leveraging AI to weed out malicious messages while also giving IT managers the power to test their users with dummy phishing attempts. Email security software won't put a definitive stop to phishing attempts, but it's a great first step towards staying protected.

Password Management

2022 is a turning point for cybersecurity - it's time to go all-in on password managers. Password managers go the extra mile, making logging in easy without compromising security. Unlike storing passwords in your browser, password managers encrypt randomly generated passwords while keeping them accessible for the user with a single master password that unlocks access. From mobile devices to work desktops, all it takes is a simple app or extension and one login to securely access your accounts. That's right, the days of hundreds of passwords are behind us.

Cybersecurity Training

Employees play an important role for businesses when it comes to fighting cyberattacks. When software fails and firewalls let phishing emails through, it's up to users to identify bad actors and report phishing emails to their IT admins. Investing in cybersecurity training helps spread the word about common tactics that hackers are taking, giving end users a leg up on criminals that are working overtime to crack passwords and access company data.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance goes hand-in-hand with cybersecurity technology. While cybersecurity keeps the proactive approach covered, cyber liability insurance is a backup plan that can help businesses stay afloat in case of an attack. Cyber liability insurance can cover the cost of forensics, legal assistance, client notifications, PR, and more expenses that a business might incur after an attack takes place. The cost of recovery alone is enough to pull an unprepared business under, let alone the cost of the ransom itself.

SeedSpark is a technology partner that small businesses can rely on to keep their technology, teams, and data safe in the years ahead. Contact our team today to learn more about creating a comprehensive cybersecurity plan for your team with our free 30-minute cybersecurity assessment. We’ll analyze the protection that you have today, identify potential risks, and share solutions that can help keep you safe in 2022 and beyond.

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Written by Samuel Adams

As a lifelong fan of technology, Sam has always had a deep interest in learning about the latest innovations and how they are revolutionizing the worlds of business, marketing, and entertainment. As Social Media and Content Specialist at SeedSpark, he spends time chasing the newest trends and breakthroughs pushing the digital transformation in our personal and professional lives.

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