Why Leading Companies Automate Their Workday with Formstack

Every year, organization’s lose 20 to 30% of revenue due to inefficient processes, and one in three consumers will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.

The bottom line is clear. If your business isn’t prioritizing technology and digitization, you’re wasting valuable employee time and losing customers to businesses that can provide digital first experiences. 

SeedSpark has partnered with Formstack to bring solutions directly to customers.  

From securely unifying HR teams to automating IT department requests, Formstack’s flexible, easy-to-use platform offers a solution for your most tedious business problems. As a tightly integrated, versatile data automation platform, Formstack empowers anyone on your team to build custom solutions to clunky problems without relying on code. Plus, Formstack seamlessly connects with the Microsoft platform so you can integrate data collection, document automation, and eSigning into the workflows you use everyday. 

The path to greater profits, customer satisfaction, and employee happiness is through digitization. Today, let’s look at four different teams who decided to prioritize digital transformation by implementing automated workflows.  

Plexus Worldwide Streamlines Customer Support with Formstack

As a business with a customer-first approach, Plexus Worldwide aimed to meet customers where they live: on their devices. They decided to implement a mobile-first, self-serve model to all customers to get the assistance they needed quickly and around-the-clock. Enter Formstack. 

By embedding an array of Formstack forms within their customer support site, Plexus gave customers a way to receive responses within 30 minutes of submission. Their mobile-friendly forms are powered by Formstack features, such as: 

  • Theme and CSS: It's easy to create beautifully branded forms with Formstack’s Theme Editor. We offer a variety of pre-designed themes so you don’t have to mess with CSS unless you really want to. 
  • No-Code Integrations: With more than 260 integrations, Formstack’s vast integration ecosystem makes it easy to build seamless workflows that automatically send data to your most valuable business systems. 
  • Field Validation: Users never have to waste time on incomplete submissions. With Formstack’s Field Validation tool you can ensure required fields are completed and emails, phone numbers, addresses, and more are entered correctly. 

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USA Sport Group Manages HR Processes with Formstack

Each year, USA Sports Group (USG) sees more than 50,000 registrations for their clinics, camps, and sports teams. To accomodate, the organization is continuously recruiting and hiring coaches. As USG continued to rapidly grow, their HR department realized they needed to find ways to streamline and automate their hiring workflows.

With Formstack, USG quickly implemented an application form detailing available position types. Their forms are loaded with form features and functionality, such as:

  • File Upload Fields: Formstack's File Upload field makes it easy to collect resumes and videos as part of the application process. This field also allows for the submission of other necessary documentation, such as copies of their passport, driver's license, and background information.
  • Conditional Logic: Conditional Logic condenses application forms for returning applicants. If someone has been previously hired, form logic will allow that person to skip over portions of the application that don't need to be filled out again.
  • Smart Lists: As positions are filled and opened, Smart Lists makes it easy to ensure forms stay up-to-date and accurate. Users only have to edit one list and it is automatically updated across all application forms. 

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University of Houston Digitizes Finance Workflows with Formstack

University of Houston received more than $1.1 billion in donations from nearly 1.5 million donors in 2019, and many of those gifts required a lot of manual processing. They needed a multi-faceted tool to solve a multi-faceted problem. 

To build an entirely digital donation workflow, University of Houston turned to Formstack.  

Implementing this Formstack workflow eliminated manual data entry and processes, consolidated software within their tech stack, and reduced process bottlenecks. Their digital donation workflow was streamlined with: 

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Formstack’s drag-and-drop builder empowers anyone on your team to build the workflows they need. We’ve made getting started especially easy by adding dozens of pre-built templates to our website. 
  • Automated Document Generation: Put your data to work quickly and easily. University of Houston turned their form data into customer receipts, but Formstack Documents makes populating any document you need a breeze. 
  • eSignature Collection: Eliminate paperwork for good with Formstack Sign, a digital signature automation solution that lets you gather and eSign documents on any device.

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Moving Businesses Forward

2020 was a crazy year. There’s no need to even say it because everywhere we turn, we see reminders of just how much the world has changed. But the impact to business will certainly be lasting well into the future. Make sure your business is equipped for what comes next by investing in digitization now. 

The features we’ve detailed today, such as flexible integrations, automated data collection and document generation, and digital signatures, have enabled SeedSpark and Formstack customers to remain flexible and pivot quickly during a time when change is constant. At the start of the pandemic, SeedSpark customers were already using cloud-based systems to work, making the sudden shift to working from home much easier. 

Formstack and SeedSpark are dedicated to helping businesses like yours look towards the future. By combining the power of platform solutions like Formstack and Microsoft, SeedSpark builds flexible, dynamic apps that help businesses accelerate day to day processes and innovate workflows. SeedSpark enables your business to focus less on collecting information and more on using data to make decisions, better serve clients, and empower leaders.

Check out our Practically Genius series to hear how other Formstack customers are finding creative ways to streamline their world of work. Or start a free trial of the Formstack platform today

Written by Lacey Jackson

As Formstack’s Demand Content Strategist, Lacey is focused on creating content that showcases the power of the Formstack platform. When she’s not writing Formstack Builders tutorials, she can be found reading, playing board games, or strolling with her dog. Lacey is a graduate of Franklin College.

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