Why You Need a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan


Building a successful business takes time, investment, and passion. In the same way that an insurance policy protects your car, a backup and data recovery (BDR) is a must-have for businesses to protect their data in a disaster. 

IT consulting firm Just Gilbey reports that 93% of companies that lost data for 10 days file for bankruptcy within one year, while half file immediately. In a world that's remotely connected, communicating, and collaborating more than ever before, having the right security measures and backups are invaluable. Without a BDR strategy, the damage to your brand and reputation can have a devastating blow on your business

Adding a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution to your business’ technology stack can protect you from the risks associated with data loss, however not all BDR solutions are created equal. By partnering with and leveraging the power of a reliable network infrastructure in combination with leading cloud backup solutions, our team provides more than a reliable solution - we provide peace of mind. Here's how it works:

Prepared for any Disaster

Storms, power outages, fires, cyberattacks - the list of potential threats to user data has never been longer. Only 29% Stolen phones, misplaced laptops, virus-infected computers - the list of threats to your data continues According to Datto, 85% of MSPs are "very concerned" about ransomware, though only 30% of clients share that same concern. 

Cost Savings

In a worst-case scenario, the speed at which you can restore business continuity (the term that’s used for maintaining online systems, data and functionality) determines the magnitude of financial loss. Advancements in cloud technology offer small businesses an unprecedented opportunity to tap into resources that were once only available to large enterprise organizations. With regard to backup, a cloud-based storage can help business drastically reduce the cost of data replication, offsite storage, and more.

The result is that in the event of a disaster, we can spin up virtual servers in the cloud to get your business back online in hours instead of days, mitigating your financial loss. And, with our continuous data protection technology, the most current backup of your system will always be available—allowing you to get back to business, drive revenue and restore employee productivity.

Peace of Mind

Just like any other technology, a BDR solution can only be effective if it is maintained, and unfortunately many BDR solutions on the market are implemented and abandoned. With our team of technicians, we are constantly checking that your industry-standard, AES-256 encrypted data backups are verified, so that they will always be reliable and available to use in the event of any downtime.

In the end, backup and disaster recovery is about peace of mind. Hardware fails, employees make mistakes, security breaches are on the rise and natural disasters are unpredictable and unavoidable; even in the face of unpredictable events, you can rest assured that you have a reliable solution and a reliable team in place at all times. Knowing your business’ data can survive all of the above with the help of our team is invaluable, and can enable you to confidently move your business successfully forward.


Our Solution

Our Business Continuity Solution is about more than just data backup - it's designed to quickly revive your network following any unplanned downtime, and ensure your employees are operating productively as soon as possible. While we make certain that your data files are constantly backed up, we also can store an image of your entire server, inclduing the operating system, to ensure that we can restore it anywhere in a matter of minutes instead of provisioning a new server, which can take days. 


SeedSparks's Business Continuity Solution includes:
  • Server image snapshots wth adjustable retention intervals
    • Saved to local on-site appliance hourly by default
    • Uploaded to could daily by default
  • Continuous data protection with block level encryption 
  • Cloud based replication of onsite appliance
  • Off-site virtualization in the event of disaster so your entire environment is up and running in minutes
  • Fully managed, monitored, and truly verified backups 
  • 24/7/365 - SeedSpark Network Operations Center


If you're ready to take the next step in gaining a peace of mind for your data and the business that depends on it, SeedSpark is ready to help. Connect with our team today to learn more about how we ensure every client is always prepared.

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Written by David Hayslett

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of IT, David Hayslett is a pro when it comes to the world of technology, network infrastructure, email security, and so much more.

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