4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Microsoft 365


In today’s fast-paced digital era, keeping your business’ technology up to par with the latest and greatest advancements can be a full-time job in itself. While tech firms are constantly and consistently iterating on legacy technology and designing new systems promising to transform the world of business, Microsoft 365 is one subscription that ensures that your business is prepared for every project with an industry-leading operating system and a set of productivity programs designed entirely around the way that people work.

Did we mention cutting-edge security measures? Yeah, it includes that, too.

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What's in Microsoft 365?The One-Stop Shop

It’s common sense: When everyone is on the same page, everything just runs smoother. Microsoft 365 makes sure that everyone on your team is working on the same operating system – Windows 10 – with the same library of apps. With this approach, the problem of having incompatible files between teammates is completely eliminated. Additional integrations between each app allow for enhanced sharing of emails in Outlook, messages in Teams, documents in Word, files in SharePoint – you get the point. With Microsoft 365, barriers that bar communication are broken down entirely.


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Office 365 has become the industry standard for corporate and educational productivity. Let's say that your department has a meeting this Friday. You'll create the meeting invite in Outlook, type an itinerary in Word, design a presentation in PowerPoint, take notes in Teams, and analyze any new data in Excel - all programs within the Office 365 suite.

With a full-featured catalog of applications, Office 365 brings together a star-studded suite of programs packed with features that enhance communication, file sharing, data processing, and so much more.


Sharing is Caring

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It’s an office sound as common as the coffee machine percolating or the copier scanning: your coworker knocking on your cubicle saying “Can you email me that file?” SharePoint – similar to OneDrive – acts as a central location for all files across an entire organization, all accessible directly from any company system or web browser. With all files stored in the cloud, worrying about misplacing a file or forgetting your laptop at home are non-issues – you always have access to everything you need.


Three different mobile devices displaying Office mobile app screensYour Office, To-Go

Working on the go is more common than ever before. Whether you’re in a car, on the train, or boarding a flight, Microsoft has just released a unified app allowing users to create, edit, and share Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files from the comfort and convenience of a cellphone or tablet. With full support for cloud saving, all work is instantaneously saved and synced across all your devices. As soon as you’re back in the office, you can simply pick up where you left off.

For organizations that adopt Microsoft 365, business professes are optimized and communication is streamlined so users can spend less time fiddling with finicky technology and more time breezing through the day’s workload.

Interested in integrating Microsoft 365 into your company? We can help you with that. Contact our team today and get the ball rolling.

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Written by Samuel Adams

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