Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. As a small to mid-size business owner you may or may not understand what an SSL is or does, but you do understand the concept of trust. When customers reach out to your website, they expect their confidential data to be kept safe and that all financial transactions are secure. 

Google Rankings

Recent updates to Google make having an SSL Certificate essential. Without one, Google simply does not recognize a website as a trustworthy, valuable resource. An SSL Certificate may also help with your website’s Google ranking, but it does not take the place of a comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program.

Building Trust

Trust is very important when conducting business online. Adding an SSL Certificate to your website lets your customers know that you care about the safety and security of their financial and personal data.


The Payment Card Security Standards Council requires an SSL Certificate if you are selling goods and services, accepting credit card information, or processing payments on your website. Perhaps you've noticed that Google and other browsers have begun "shaming" websites without an SSL by labeling them as "non-secure" - a major turnoff for those searching for your company. 


Links to invalid phishing sites are easier to spot when a website uses an SSL Certificate because they set off browser security alerts. An SSL also makes the injection of malware into your site unlikely. 

Enhanced Conversations

Whether your website asks customers to sign up for future emails or you've got a huge eCommerce site, the green padlock icon next to your website's IS: is a strong indicator that your site is secure. This enhanced security and professional image will inevitably lead to more traffic and better conversions. 


In today's digital marketplace, an SSL Certificate is essential to assure customers of quality, enhance security, and boost your google ranking. The good news is that an SSL Certificate is inexpensive and easy to install for our team, providing an incredible benefit for an incredible value. 

Installing an SSL certificate on your website means that the data ebbing and flowing through your digital space is encrypted and safe. Between changes in Google's ranking system and industry standards for digital safety, the bottom line is that an SSL Certificate is a “must have” in terms of data security for yourself and for customers. 

Are you searching for a new partner to host your website or are interested in renewing your SSL? We are ready to help. Contact our team today for to learn more and get started! 

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Written by Joe Pease

As our Digital Marketing Manager, Joe brings a wide variety of digital marketing knowledge to SeedSpark and their clients. With a career spanning from front-end web development and SEO best practices to PPC advertising, Joe helps elevate the digital presence of both B2B and B2C businesses.

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