CEOs: Here's Why You Should Care About Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

As a proactive CEO, you know that implementing a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan, also referred to as BCDR, is essential for your business. After all, why would anyone in your esteemed position ever put a business at risk to downtime or data loss when prevention is so easy? While some negligent CEOs fail to give BCDR the proper attention it deserves, we’re not worried about you. But if anyone asks, here are four critical reasons that you, the CEO, care about business continuity and disaster recovery.

How do Executives Choreograph the Change Stemming from Digital Transformation?

The role of executives in coordinating and choreographing change cannot be understated. Digital Transformation is not simply IT’s thing. It’s a business thing. The companies that successfully upgrade core infrastructure, leverage digital to make smarter decisions, and gain competitive advantages in the marketplace have business leaders that don’t just tolerate change, they encourage it.

Top 10 Business Books

Are you a Charlotte based Business Owner? Would you like one of these books from SeedSpark? We are giving away our favorite business books in exchange for the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your growth goals for your company. We would be honored if you found our technology integration services to be useful to growing your business, but the book is yours no matter what you decide about SeedSpark and our fit for your business. 

Three Reasons to Go Pro on your Business Headshots

Professional headshots are a small task that come with a large reward. We are now living in a digital age, where first impressions happen online. This enables us to “connect” with other professionals on digital platforms like LinkedIn prior to officially meeting them in person, and sometimes we can even do business without ever meeting in person. If you’re ready to get started with a professional photography headshot, it’s important to know the elements that make up a great headshot before you over eagerly book with anyone or opt to do it yourself. Not all headshots are created equal. To gain a better understanding of what you should look for in a photographer, check out "Taking Care of Business Headshots.” 

Three Ways To Protect Your Small Business From A Cyber Attack

 Small businesses possess a lot of innovative and creative information that differs from larger corporations. Conventional wisdom was that the smaller you are as a business, the less likely you are to experience a cyber threat. However, as the sophistication of attacks and methods become more widely available to hackers, more and more small businesses have become targets. Intellectual property and customer data is what hackers will be looking for, and small businesses are squarely in the crosshairs for hackers because they tend to have weaker defenses compared to bigger corporations. Time is money for your business, and the same is true for hackers. If your environment takes less time for them to gain access to, then you are more profitable to them. Small is not secure. In fact, it may very well be the opposite now.

Journey Mapping - Focusing on the journey and not the destination

So you’ve created your buyer personas (If you haven’t, click here to learn more) and you’ve begun tailoring content that appeals to your targeted segment. Hopefully, with the help of market research, you have a pretty good understanding of who your customer is and where they want to end up. However, your customer’s story doesn’t just have a beginning and an end – arguably more important than the destination is the path your customer will take to get there. What frustrations and pain points are they encountering along the way that may ultimately prevent them from reaching the finish line?

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5 Steps to Becoming a Better Clock Builder

Business guru Jim Collins posts a great question in his book “Built to Last.”

Building A Turn-Key and People-Free(ing) Process

Whether you are planning to franchise your business in the future or not, business owners should always work on franchising their business. Think about it: if you can create a business that can run without you, then you are free to work on your business – and not just work in it. To make this possible, you have to create processes that will allow your business to run on its own. However, the implemented processes always involve people, and people are not programmable tools; people are complex, messy, beautiful and make the world go round.

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