What You Need to Know about Windows Canary Channel

If you're someone who likes to stay on the cutting edge of technology, you may already be familiar with Windows' Insider Programs (Dev, Beta, and Release Preview Channels). These programs allow users to test new features and updates before being released to the general public. However, Windows recently unveiled a new channel within its Insider Program- the Canary Channel.

What is the Canary Channel? 

The Canary Channel is the most bleeding-edge version of Windows designed for developers who need to test their apps against the latest APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It receives updates daily, including new features, bug fixes, and other significant changes. Frequent updates being pushed without any vetting can lead to instability in the Canary Channel. This is likely the reason why the Insider Program is recommended only for advanced users who are comfortable with handling potential bugs and issues. 
The latest preview builds for the Canary Channel include several new features and improvements. One of the most notable changes is the addition of a new "Task View" button in the taskbar. This button lets users quickly switch between open windows and virtual desktops, making multitasking effortless. The preview builds also include improvements to the Start menu. Users can customize the Start menu's layout, including the tiles' size and the number of tiles displayed. This allows for a more personalized and streamlined experience for each user. There are also updates to the Settings app, the ability to view and manage startup apps, and improvements to the Windows Terminal app. 

So, besides the Canary Channel being a great tool for developers to test updates, what else could the launch of this channel mean? Previously, Microsoft tested some changes to Windows 10 within their Insider Programs, and those changes shipped as features when Windows 11 launched.  
With the launch of this new channel and features we haven’t seen before, could this mean that Windows 12's release is much closer than we think? Perhaps, but only time will tell.  

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Written by Robert Griffin

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