Taylor Dolinger

As our Director of Marketing, Taylor brings a wide variety of knowledge that impacts every level of the marketing world. With a career rooted in graphic design, Taylor brings an artistic eye to the world of marketing that keeps brands looking modern and fresh while helping them target their core demographic.

Computer Repair vs. Replacement After 3 Years

Is it time to replace your computer? Consider the following: What is your computer struggling with? How old is it? Was it purchased as "business grade" or "consumer grade"? How expensive was it at time of purchase? We'll walk you through the basics to aid you in evaluating your equipment and making ...

The Power of Email Signatures

Most communication today is done by email, with an estimated 269 billion emails sent per day. With its continually increasing presence, a consistent email signature has become an important part of your corporate identity. 

Social Engineering Red Flags

If you’re ever uncertain of a suspicious email, don’t click any links or reply to the sender, and always feel free to ask your dedicated support engineer at SeedSpark. 

New Strain of Ransomware Encrypts Email Inboxes

A new type of ransomware is coming for cloud email inboxes. While this particular strain was developed by white hat hackers and hasn't been seen in the wild yet, it's a wake-up call for those who use cloud-based email services like Gmail or Exchange. According to KnowBe4, this kind of ransomware ...

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