Why Your Business Should Invest in Custom Graphics

We’ve already covered why social media is important for your business, but now you’re facing an even larger dilemma: what do you post? While tweeting hashtag-laden word soup or chasing the viral dream by sharing memes are both optional approaches, social media platforms are more than a digital announcement board – they’re the voice of your brand. Creating a tone, both written and visual, can act as a big brand booster for any company working towards becoming more social media savvy. One of the biggest investments a business can make in boosting their online presence is in creating custom social graphics. However, there are several facts to take into consideration beforehand.

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According to HubSpot, Google has 92.42 percent of the search engine market share worldwide. With approximately 2 trillion global searches per year, you’re likely one of the billions around the world using Google Search to answer life’s biggest (and smallest) questions.

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Email via Outlook is a tried-and-true staple of office communication, forming the backbone of everything from business transactions to chili cook-offs. However, over the course of the past five years, Microsoft Teams has revolutionized the way that people around the world communicate with both their coworkers and their clients. Fortunately, the Microsoft development team realized early in the development of these tools that they aren’t competing – they’re complimentary to each other.  

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