Small Business Loans to Help with Coronavirus Relief

As the world continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19, its impact on the world of small business cannot be understated. While some businesses have flourished during this time, others have faced a direct hit that impacts the company’s bottom line and the lives of its employees.

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Streamlining Business Processes with Microsoft 365


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Inside a Tech Firm Working from Home During the Coronavirus

COVID-19, known as the novel coronavirus, has had an impact on employees around the world as companies make emergency adjustments to the way that they do business. Millions are now working remotely, urged to stay at home in an attempt to “flatten the curve” and speed up society’s recovery from the virus and its impact.

How to Help the Charlotte Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic

There are so many incredible aspects of Charlotte, North Carolina. Nestled in the heart of the Carolinas, Charlotte is the ideal blend of “big city” and “small town”. While the city is home to nearly 900K people, the greater Charlotte community is packed with passion and love for one another.

Microsoft's March Event - Everything Coming to Microsoft 365 in 2020


Brand Building 101 - Creating a Digital Presence for Your Company

Brands are everywhere. On your cereal box in the morning, plastered on billboards scattered along your morning commute, decorating mugs and ballpoint pens in the office – it’s safe to say, they’re here to stay. The brands that we’ve all come to know didn’t simply appear one day. Teams have carefully crafted these brands with an overarching vision in mind in an attempt to market themselves and connect with an audience that will support their products and services for decades to come. Whether you’re wanting to revitalize an age-old brand to connect with a modern audience or you’re an innovator developing the next viral startup, here are some initial tips to help get your brand off the ground and into the minds of potential future clients.

Slack is Adding Microsoft Teams Integration


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