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Our COO, Robert Griffin, has a history of success applying analytical and technical expertise while leveraging various technology and cybersecurity solutions to optimize business capabilities and mitigate organizational risks.

What is End of Life for Windows 7?

End of life is the term that Microsoft uses to identify the period when the company will no longer support an operating system or application. In this case, it means that, as of Jan.14, 2020, Microsoft will move on from Windows 7 and no longer patch security holes in the operating system.

Data Encryption: A Key Component of Malware

Ransomware, in its most basic form, is self-explanatory. Data is captured, encrypted, and held for ransom until a fee is paid. The two most common forms of ransomware delivery are through email and websites.

Windows 10 to be released on July 29

On July 29, 2015, Microsoft will release Windows 10, its long-awaited new operating system. Windows 10 is not an upgrade from a previous operating system; it is an entirely new platform. Microsoft is not charging a licensing fee for Windows 10 for the first 12 months from the release date. This ...

Adobe Flash Blocked by Mozilla Firefox

On Tuesday, Mozilla announced that it would block all versions of Adobe Flash in its browser, Firefox. According to Mozilla’s support team, “Flash would remain blocked until ‘Adobe releases a version which isn’t being actively exploited by publicly known vulnerabilities.’”

LastPass Security Breach

Last week, the popular password manager, LastPass, announced a security breach – their system was hacked. According to their blog, “…account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes were compromised.”

Microsoft Announces Launch of Windows 10

If you follow our blog, you may have seen a recent post about Windows 10. According to Jerry Nixon, Windows 10 will be “the last Windows release ever needed.” Additionally, the latest version will end the infamous “Patch Tuesday” – Microsoft’s scheduled patches to its existing operating systems.

iPhone 6 Lightning Dock

Last week, Apple released their long-awaited, official Lightning Dock. A little late to the party (with other brands already offering docks for iPhones), the Lightning Dock provides an upright charging and syncing station for your phone.

Alpha Crypt: Most Recent Ransomware Has Big Payouts

In a previous post, we discussed the growing – and lucrative – hacking trend, ransomware. For years, the malware infected vulnerable computers and demanded large sums of money to unlock the computer system. More recent and popular forms of malware encrypt files on the system’s hard drive.

The New Snapchat Discover Feature

For over four years, the mobile messaging application, Snapchat, has connected users through photo and video conversations. With three easy steps – “snap a photo or video, add a caption, and send it to a friend” – the popular application has changed the way messaging works.

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