5 Ways Office 365 Boosts Your Business

When many business professionals hear “Office 365”, the basics immediately jump to mind. “Oh, you mean my email?” or “Isn’t that the one with Word?” are common responses. While word processing and email functionality are major parts of Office 365, the power of the toolkit that Microsoft has created often goes untapped. When users take the time to fully understand what they are capable of with these apps, entire work routines can be revolutionized by the power of technology.

Life Cycle Refreshes - How Often Should Your Company Upgrade Computer Hardware?

That initial investment in new technology can be substantial. Thousands of dollars are poured into purchasing new laptops, desktop towers, and networking equipment in the name of embracing the digital transformation and future-proofing your company. Then you get the news – the day after you’ve installed the new hardware, newer hardware gets announced.

4 Ways Business Process Automation Helps Your Business Succeed

Everyone’s got them – day-to-day tasks that are so mundane and repetitive that even the office intern loathes them. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, many of these necessary evils of office workflows no longer take hours (if not days) of your valuable time to complete. Through the power of constant connectivity and user-friendly applications, business process automation provides workers with the ability to focus less on the intricacies and more on increasing quality and boosting customer satisfaction. Let’s check out a few ways that businesses around the world are cutting their work load and accomplishing more through the power of business process automation.

CES 2020 Innovations Impacting the World of Business

5 Ways Technology is Transforming Businesses in 2020

Whether you’re ready or not, the future is here. 2015 was not the cutting-edge utopia imagined in Back to the Future II - unfortunately, no flying DeLoreans… yet. Though five years later, 2020 is poised to be packed with revolutionary tech trends fundamentally changing the way that people do business. From reaching new clients, expanding brand recognition, or completely reshaping an entire corporate business model, it’s clear that technology is collectively shaping the future of industries around the world in a variety of ways.

What is Business Process Automation?

Businesses around the world in every industry conduct their work and satisfy clients by performing thousands of processes both big and small. From fulfilling client orders to buying office supplies, processes are the heartbeat of businesses. While necessary, many of these processes are repetitive and time consuming, driving up operational overhead and, in turn, lowering overall revenue. That’s where business process automation comes in. As the name suggests, business process automation combines the power of data insights and AI-driven automation to reduce or eliminate the need to spend time on the smaller, mundane business operations.

How Starting a Blog Can Boost Your Business

Social media, when used effectively, goes a long way in expanding your brand and making contact with potential clients. Once the Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines start rolling, what’s the next step? While some companies are satisfied with redirecting social media traffic back to their website’s “Services” or “About Us” pages, there is potential to transform from being a business into something more. If that sounds like an appealing opportunity, then it’s time to start a blog.

Why Microsoft Teams is Better Than Traditional VOIP Services

With the advent of the internet, the last three decades have allowed constant exploration and discovery in terms of the ways that people can use the internet to communicate. Each year more companies are exploring new software solutions that bring teams together, optimizing communication in the workplace to create a more efficient workflow for companies around the world.

Why Do We Need Cybersecurity Compliance Audits?

In recent years, security breaches impacting millions have revealed just how important an increased focus on cybersecurity truly is. Introduced by the Trump administration in 2017, new regulations have boosted cybersecurity measures to the highest point in US history. While necessary and effective, new cybersecurity compliance audits have forced companies across the country to ramp up their security to meet new requirements outlined in the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA).

The Cyber War Fought by Managed Service Providers

Common users probably think of MSPs – managed service providers – as a group of developers ensuring that Windows updates go off without a hitch, maybe occasionally scanning for malicious viruses, malware, or spyware. In reality, managed service providers are fighting an unseen war against an onslaught of cybercriminals trying their best to infiltrate company infrastructures, snatching as much data as they can before holding your system hostage – or wiping it altogether.

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