Windows 7 Support is Gone - Why Now is the Time to Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has finally ended support for its oldest supported software, Windows 7. Introduced in October 2009, Windows 7 went on to become Microsoft’s most-installed software of all time until Windows 10 took its place (now boasting over 700 million users worldwide). While Microsoft gave users and ...

What Are Audits in Microsoft Office 365?

For many companies running on Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange Online are integral parts of the workflow. With so many people creating, deleting, and modifying files, there has to be a process to introduce accountability and keep track of the hundreds – if not thousands – of changes ...

CES 2020 Announcements Pushing the Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is impacting every part of our lives, shifting our world at a breakneck pace. Last week's Consumer Electronics Show showcased innovative new products from dozens of tech companies whose collective goal is to revolutionize our daily lives. The flood of new products can be ...

Should I Hire an Inside IT Guy?

Growth in any business almost always means more technology is being brought into the workflow. Whether it be hardware or software upgrades, the transition towards a more tech-integrated culture is bound to come with some headaches. Traditionally, it’s this point that companies would hire an ...

What is Phone System in Microsoft Teams?

A lot has changed in modern businesses, but the basic phone call – or one of its modern variants – is still foundational. With many businesses adopting the Office 365 suite of programs to conduct their work, Microsoft developed Phone System. This service works hand in hand with Microsoft Teams, ...

Managed Services: Proactive vs. Reactive

What are Managed Service Providers?

Why is My Internet Slow?

Slow internet speeds are frustrating, but it can also be hindering for businesses that depend on access to high speed internet to accomplish their goals. While any number of issues may be the culprit behind a speed slow down, there are several steps that can be taken to diagnose – and potentially ...

What is End of Life for Windows 7?

End of life is the term that Microsoft uses to identify the period when the company will no longer support an operating system or application. In this case, it means that, as of Jan.14, 2020, Microsoft will move on from Windows 7 and no longer patch security holes in the operating system.

The Power of Email Signatures

Most communication today is done by email, with an estimated 269 billion emails sent per day. With its continually increasing presence, a consistent email signature has become an important part of your corporate identity.

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