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Massive Flaw in WiFi and What You Can Do About It

Cyber Security Experts recently found a major security flaw in the standard technology protocol used to protect Wi-Fi networks. This security issue in wireless networks could potentially allow hackers to steal personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card details, social security numbers, private messages, photos, etc.

How do Executives Choreograph the Change Stemming from Digital Transformation?

The role of executives in coordinating and choreographing change cannot be understated. Digital Transformation is not simply IT’s thing. It’s a business thing. The companies that successfully upgrade core infrastructure, leverage digital to make smarter decisions, and gain competitive advantages in the marketplace have business leaders that don’t just tolerate change, they encourage it.

Are You Prepared in the Event of Data Loss?


Should Your Small Business Have a Social Media Policy?

Working in a small business often means working on a team that is personable, relaxed, and if we are honest, usually short on rigid rules and policies. So, what is the right approach to social media policy for business owners? 

Top 10 Business Books

Are you a Charlotte based Business Owner? Would you like one of these books from SeedSpark? We are giving away our favorite business books in exchange for the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your growth goals for your company. We would be honored if you found our technology integration services to be useful to growing your business, but the book is yours no matter what you decide about SeedSpark and our fit for your business. 

How To Get a Branded Guest Wireless (Wi-Fi) Login

You've likely experienced a branded wi-fi login if you have ever joined the wireless network at Starbucks or at a hotel. Have you ever thought about doing this for your own small business? It must cost a fortune right? Wrong. It's actually a built in feature with some of the best networking equipment for small business networks. Enter, Cisco's Meraki line of network security and wireless local area network (WLAN) devices.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Every business is an accomplishment of hard work and decisive action. Success is earned through a commitment to excellence and investments for the future, so it’s only natural that you’d want to safeguard your business from danger. In today’s always-on, digital world, data plays a critical role in the success of your business, and studies show again and again that losing that data can close a business in short time. The costs and risks associated with downtime are massive, and the damage to your business’ brand and reputation are immeasurable.  

Three Ways To Protect Your Small Business From A Cyber Attack

 Small businesses possess a lot of innovative and creative information that differs from larger corporations. Conventional wisdom was that the smaller you are as a business, the less likely you are to experience a cyber threat. However, as the sophistication of attacks and methods become more widely available to hackers, more and more small businesses have become targets. Intellectual property and customer data is what hackers will be looking for, and small businesses are squarely in the crosshairs for hackers because they tend to have weaker defenses compared to bigger corporations. Time is money for your business, and the same is true for hackers. If your environment takes less time for them to gain access to, then you are more profitable to them. Small is not secure. In fact, it may very well be the opposite now.

Drones Role in Construction

One of the leading industries to utilize commercial drones is the construction industry. The benefits outweigh the costs when this technology is adopted.

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