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Three Reasons to Go Pro on your Business Headshots

Professional headshots are a small task that come with a large reward. We are now living in a digital age, where first impressions happen online. This enables us to “connect” with other professionals on digital platforms like LinkedIn prior to officially meeting them in person, and sometimes we can even do business without ever meeting in person. If you’re ready to get started with a professional photography headshot, it’s important to know the elements that make up a great headshot before you over eagerly book with anyone or opt to do it yourself. Not all headshots are created equal. To gain a better understanding of what you should look for in a photographer, check out "Taking Care of Business Headshots.” 

Learning How To Use Your Mevo

 So hopefully after reading our introductory blog that details why you should be using a MEVO rather than your smartphone to film videos, you immediately realized that you couldn't live without one and you ordered your very own MEVO. Now you can start to build authentic relationships between your brand and your followers on social media. If you still need pursuading, I would recommend that you read our blog, "MEVO: Changing the Game of Live Video Streaming", one more time and check out the examples of amazing videos on Mevo's website, here

MEVO: Changing the Game of Live Video Streaming

 One of the coolest products that hit the market in 2016 was the Mevo. What is a Mevo you ask? No, this is not a type of Pokémon… Come on. No one plays that game anymore, it’s 2017.

Importance of Having a Battery Back-Up for Your Business

Think back to see if these scenarios have ever happened to you:

How Do I Use Facebook Live To Increase Engagement on My Page?

Facebook Live is a new feature that lets Facebook users share live videos with their friends. This is beneficial for marketers and businesses because it's an awesome way for them to use the power of live video to communicate their brand stories and build authentic, intimate relationships with fans and followers. 

SyncSpark: The best file sharing tool for your business

What is SyncSpark?

What is an SSL Certificate & how will it improve my SEO?

Before I start telling you all about SSL and why it’s brilliant to have for your website, let me tell you a quick story about my friend Bill who loves Carolina Panthers football.  

Does your website need a reboot?

In our previous blog, How to create your ideal Buyer Persona, we noted that 60% of consumers are completing their buying journey online. With fewer customers being found in brick and mortar stores, it’s crucial now that you treat your website as your most important storefront. This means creating and maintaining an efficient and well-designed website that will attract consumers and increase the conversion of customers into promoters.

Tips & Tricks for Collaborating in a High Growth Organization

Every business owner dreams of improving efficiency across all departments through actionable communication. Most business owners have felt the growing pains of trying to loop in the right people on the right project or update a particular person on a client initiative, only to find out some people didn’t get that message. What if we told you there is an app that could eliminate most internal email, and organize action items for your business by channel! By operating in channels conversations become more searchable, more clearly delineated, and quite frankly more fun!

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